Prehistoric Networks in Southern and Eastern Europe

БезымянныйThe collection of scientific works is devoted to contemporary research on development and interaction of prehistoric networks in the Holocene Europe. Chronologically, the collection covers the final phases of the Stone Age and the beginning of the age of early metals. Particular attention is paid to the process of Neolithization and interaction between different societies in Southern and Eastern Europe.

The proposed collection will be useful for anyone interested in the prehistory, archaeology and geography of Europe – archaeologists, prehistorians, specialists in local history, ethnographers, museum workers, cultural heritage researchers and students of higher educational institutions.



01.Shydlovskyi P., Morozova Ya. 

02.Stupak Dmytro. 

03.Telizhenko Sergii. 

04.Veiber Alina.

05.Martha Andriiovvych.

06.Naumov Goce.

07.Shydlovskyi Pavlo.

08.Radomskyi Ivan.

09.Pichkur Yevhen.

10.Zhelaha Dmytro.

11.Diachenko Aleksandr.

12.Videiko Mykhailo.

13.Hofmann Robert.

14.Szmyt Marzena.

15.Mazurkevich Andrey.

16.Chausidis Nikos.

17.Morozova Yana, Shydlovskyi Pavlo.