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VITA ANTIQUA ISSN: 2522-9419 (Online), ISSN: 2519-4542 (Print)

VITA ANTIQUA 9, 2017, HUMAN & LANDSCAPE: Prehistoric Archaeology of Eastern Europe, 46-60
Paleogeoraphic Situation of Pleistocene and Living Conditions of Ancient Man in Areas of the Velykyj Sholes Ridge
Matviishyna Zh.M.¹, Karmazinenko S.P.¹, Ryzhov S.M.².
¹-  Department of Paleogeography, Institute of Geography NAS Ukraine, Kyiv
² Department of Archaeology and Museum Studies, Faculty of History, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv



The article is devoted to the reconstruction of paleogeographic environments and living conditions of ancient man in the area of the Velykyj Sholes ridge. In the basis of this reconstruction, the study of Pleistocene soils and sediments of the Paleolithic multilayer site of Malyj Rakovets  IV in Transcarpathia are taken. In the introduction defines Paleogeography as a science and its main tasks and structural units. Noted the importance and potential of joint integrated paleogeographic and archeological studies of Paleolithic sites. Special attention was focused on the study of anthropogenic deposits since discoveries of ancient man were found there. We present summarized results of the paleopedological studies (including micromorphological analysis) of soils and loess deposits in six pits. In those pits we were able to identify the following stratigraphic horizons: Martonosha (mr), Lubny (lb), Zavadivka (zv), Dnieper (dn), Kaydaky (kd), Tyasmyn (ts), Pryluky (pl), Uday (ud), Vytachiv (vt), Bug (bg) and Holocene (hl). The most artifacts from volcanic materials (mainly obsidian) were confined to the sediments of the Zavadivka, Kaydaky, Pryluky, Vytachiv and Holocene horizons. As a result of this work the favorable climatic conditions, availability of raw materials and stone artifacts indicate that ancient man lived in the area of the Great Sholes ridge during the Lower, Middle and Upper Palaeolithic.

Key words: Paleogeoraphic, Pleistocene, Velykyj Sholes ridge,Prehistoric Archaeology, Eastern Europe

Language: Ukrainian


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