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VITA ANTIQUA ISSN: 2522-9419 (Online), ISSN: 2519-4542 (Print)

VITA ANTIQUA 9, 2017, HUMAN & LANDSCAPE: Prehistoric Archaeology of Eastern Europe, 139-143
Reconstruction of Paleoclimatic Life Conditions of Ancient Population at the Site near Kamyanka Village in the Kharkiv Region
Snizhko I.A.¹
¹- Ukrainian State University of Railway Transport, Kharkiv



An important part of complex research of Upper Palaeolithic sites is environment reconstruction of ancient population. For this purpose, a method of pollen analysis has been successfully and long while used. It allows creating a local stratigraphical scheme of sediments and reconstructing flora and climate of archaeological object. Upper Palaeolithic site near Kamyanka village in the Izum district of the Kharkiv region has been researched since 2005. Excavated area counts 146 square meters, the collection of flint artifacts contains more than 7500 items. Cultural level extends vertically, it is defined by the level of artifacts expansion, and it does not have any specific coloring. Apart from flint artifacts, it contains small fragments of sienna, coal and animal bones. Planigraphic structure shows assemblage that corresponds to working places of flint processing. The set of tools is specific to site workshops that are situated near flint raw material exposure. With the method of microstratigraphy, it has been defined that level of cultural remains bedding is associated with pale-yellowish loess loam, which belongs to Upper Back Sea subhorizon. For the purpose of conducting pollen analysis 8 samples have been taken, two of which come from cultural level. The composition of sporo-pollen spectrum of these samples shows that during the period of the site functioning the researched area lied in the steppe zone with subperiglacial climate, which was much colder and drier than that of nowadays. Vegetational cover was thinner, poorer and more unvaried in composition. An ancient human site is situated in a river valley in immediate surrounding of wooden and mixed gramineous herbs.

Key words: paleoclimatology, Upper Palaeolithic, Kamyanka village site, Prehistoric Archaeology, lithic assemblage

Language: Ukrainian


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