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VITA ANTIQUA ISSN: 2522-9419 (Online), ISSN: 2519-4542 (Print)

VITA ANTIQUA 9, 2017, HUMAN & LANDSCAPE: Prehistoric Archaeology of Eastern Europe, 180-193
Between the Sea and the Mountains. The strategy of economic activity of the Crimea Mountain population in Chalcolithіс
Telizhenko S.A.¹, Yanish Ye.Yu.²
¹ Institute of Archaeology NAS of Ukraine, Lutsk
² I. Shmalgauzen Institute of Zoology NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv



In the Copper Age, at the territory of the Crimean Mountains, were two local and cultural related groups of sites – coastal and open, and secure (shelters and caves) types. Under natural conditions, the specified group developed their strategy of economic activity. The population of the first group was oriented towards animal husbandry, agriculture, and exploitation of marine resources. Also, at least one site (Laspi-I) was one of the specialized centers for the production of beads from organic materials (shells and shellfish valves, bones). The population of the second group engaged in cattle breeding and hunting. Considering the location of this group of sites within the river valleys – Kacha, Chorna, and Zuya, it is possible that people could engage in agriculture. The similarity of some elements of the material culture of the Copper Age sites of Crimean Mountains to the Late Neolithic settlements in the West Caucasus (Anaseuli-II) suggests the possibility of cultural contacts between the two regions.

Key words: prehistoric archaeology, paleoeconomy, Crimea Mountain, Chalcolithic, Copper Age

Language: Ukrainian


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