The Goths and the Rome. Volume of scientific papers, Kiev, PH “Stylos”, 2006, 256 p.


The collection is dedicated to the memory of Igor Pioro, Ukrainian archeologist, well-known researcher of the ethnic history of the Crimean medieval population







01.Preface. The list of I.S. Pioro’s scientific works, 4-15

02.Zubar, V.M. Once again on the two "barbaric" types of first centuries AD burial structures of Chersonese necropolis, 16-25

03.Kazanskii, M. The Germans in the South-Western Crimea in late Roman times and in the era of the Great Migration, 26-41

04.Khrapunov, I.N. Burial of a warrior the IV cent. AD from Neyzats cemetery, 42-51

05.Magomedov, B.V. Roman amphorae in the Chernyakhov culture, 52-59

06.Levada, M.Ye. The myth of the hill forts of the Chernyakhov culture

07.Rudich, T.A. Sarmatians as a part of the Chernyakhov culture (anthropological materials), 73-86

08.Nekrasova, A.N. The sites of Chernyakhov culture of Dnieper Left Bank area, 87-200

09.Voznesenskaya, G.A., Levada, M.Ye., Magomedov, B.V. Continued research of Chernyakhov settlements Vishenka 1 in Vinnitsa, 201-220

10.Gertsen, A.G., Karlov, S.V. Sentinel and cult complex at cape Teshkli (Mangup), 221-253