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Culture Heritage and the War: challenges and solutions. VITA ANTIQUA, 14. Kyiv: Center for Paleoethnological Research, 2023

The annual almanac considers the problems of protection and preservation of cultural heritage during the brutal aggression of the Russian Federation on Ukraine. The publication focuses on the destruction of the historical environment and archaeological objects in particular. Broad analogies are drawn with the preservation of cultural monuments during previous conflicts - during the Second World War and the conflict in the Balkans. The articles are devoted to the issues of the destruction of archaeological sites and the functioning of university museums during the Russian invasion, the fate of archaeological collections and monuments during the wars in Europe. Current issues of anthropology and archaeology are considered in a separate section.

The proposed collection will be useful for everyone who cares about the preservation of the cultural heritage and specialists in the field of studying and preserving monuments - preservationists, archaeologists, historians, museum workers, site-protectionists, and students of higher education.

Editors and compilers of the collection

Pavlo Shydlovskyi, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

Oleksandra Ivanova, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

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Ivanova, O.A., Shydlovskyi, P.S., Protect the Past - to Save the Future (Preface)


CHAPTER I. Cultural Heritage in Times of Military Conflicts

Telizhenko, S.A. The war in Ukraine: new challenges for archaeology

Bujskikh, A.V., Ivakin, V.H., Shydlovskyi, P.S., Zotsenko, I.V. Archaeological Sites During the War: field experience and legal aspect (on the example of the Archaeological Monitoring Expedition works in Kyiv and Kyiv region in 2022)

Kazantseva, L.V., Pysarevska, N.V., Samoilenko, L.G. University Museums and the War in Ukraine

Ivanova, O.A. Balkan and Ukrainian Experience of Cultural Heritage Protection and Preservation During Military Operations

Naumenko, O.O., Radievska, T.M. History of the Collection of Stone Artifacts of Iskorost Settlement from the Excavations of V. Hvoika

Tretiak, K.O. Stylistic and Aesthetic Transformation of the Historical Buildings of Kyiv Caused by the Destruction during the Second World War

CHAPTER II. Relevant Issues in Archaeology and Anthropology

Karmaza, A. Morphology of Early Hominid Hand in Context of Tool making

Gadzalo, R.R. The Main Concepts of the Origin of the Eneolithic Cultures of the Danube-Carpathian Region on the example of the study of the archeological complexes of the Boian Culture

Volynskiy, T., Kovalchuk, O. Fishes in the Economy of Ancient Greek Colonies (600 BC – 300 AD) on the Northern Black Sea Coast – new touches to an old portrait

Hotun, I.A., Havrilyuk, B.S. Military and Dual-purpose Items in the Medieval Settlement of Lisnyky-Bezodnia

Diachenko, A. International seminar on protection and preservation of cultural heritage (Kyiv)