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HUMAN & LANDSCAPE: Prehistoric Archaeology of Eastern Europe. – VITA ANTIQUA, #9. Collection of scientific works. – Kyiv : 2017.


This volume of scientific works dedicated to contemporary researches of the issues of environment – prehistoric societies interaction in Europe. The publication includes materials that demonstrate the interdisciplinary approach to the study of prehistoric sites. The proposed collection will be useful for anyone interested in prehistory, archaeology and geography of Europe – for archaeologists, geographers, biologists, historians, ethnographers, and students of higher educational institutions.


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01.Albert Hafner, Mirco Brunner, Julian Laabs. Archaeology of the Alpine space. Research on the foothills, valley systems and high mountain landscapes of the Alps.

02.Olena Smyntyna. Geographical approach in Prehistoric Archaeology at the turn of the 20th – 21st centuries.

03.Zhanna Matviishyna, Serhii Karmazinenko, Serhii Ryzhov. Paleogeoraphic situation of Pleistocene and living conditions of ancient man in areas of the Velykyj Sholes ridge.

04.Ksenia Bondar, Serhii Ryzhov, Zhdana Tymofeieva. Magnetic measurements on Palaeolithic sites at Velykyj Sholes ridge in Transcarpathia.

05.Diana Dudnik. Stages of research of Mezhyrich site.

06.Laëtitia Demay, Marylène Patou-Mathis, Stéphane Péan, Gennadyi A. Khlopachev, Mikhail V. Sablin. From mammoth to fox: identification of Eliseevichi 1 within the occupations of the Desna valley .

07.Oleksandra Krotova. Cultural adaptations of Upper Palаeolithic hunters of North Azov-Black Sea steppes.

08.Igor Pistruil. Adaptation of prehistoric hunters to life in periglacial plains (case of study: Upper Palaeolithic sites of Bakshala River valley).

09.Pavlo Shydlovskyi, Oleksii Lyzun. Landscape changes in Middle Dnieper region on the border of Pleistocene-Holocene : archaeological evidences.

10.Iryna Snizhko. Reconstruction of paleoclimatic life conditions of prehistoric population at the site near Kamyanka village, Kharkiv region.

11.Guram Chkhatarashvili. Final Upper Palaeolithic assemblages from South Caucasus (Dzudzuana Cave).

12.Valerij Manko. The development of Neolithic cultures on the territory of Ukraine: overcoming the determination for a certain type of landscape.

13.Olga Demchenko. The natural environment and cultural adaptation of the prehistoric population of Dnieper Nadporizhzhia in the Late Mesolithic - Early Neolithic.

14.Serhij Telizhenko, Yevhenia Yanish. Between the sea and the mountains. The strategy of economic activity of the Crimea Mountain population in Chalcolithic.

15.Ivan Radomskyi. Spatial organization of the stone implements from Trypillian settlement Ozheve-ostriv.

16.Pichkur Yevgen (Kyiv). Indicators of «imports» in Trypillian culture (on materials of «hoards» of flint blades).

17.Sergij Lysenko. Ecological base of Trzciniec cultural circle.

18.Zhanna Matviishyna, Serhij Lysenko, Olexandr Parhomenko. Paleopedological researches of Bukivna cemetery.

19.Zhanna Matviishyna, Anatolii Kushnir. The natural conditions of human’s habitation according to studying of buried soils in the Bronze Age mound.

20.Natalia Mykhailova. Evidences of Deer cult of Northern Eurasia prehistoric hunters in the landscape context.

21.Olexandr Beidyk, Iryna Lazaruk. National and world archeology in the Schulte tables.