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ISSN 2522-9419 (Online), 2519-4542 (Print)
The VITA ANTIQUA edition is based on

- Publication of the results of scientific research in the field of studying the ancient past of Ukraine and the world;

- Promoting the development of archaeological and anthropological science in Ukraine, enhancing their role and authority in Ukrainian society;

- Establishment of international cooperation in the field of anthropology and archaeology, creation of an effective mechanism for the exchange of information, experience, communication between specialists from different countries and scientific fields for the establishment of an international interdisciplinary network for the study of topical issues in the field of archaeology, anthropology and prehistory.

VITA ANTIQUA is a periodical scientific edition publishing articles on archaeology, anthropology, prehistory, museology and related disciplines. Among the proposed publications are periodic journal of scientific papers “VITA ANTIQUA”, as well as the thematic issues on specific scientific problems - particular monographs in “VITA ANTIQUA Library” series.

The journal was founded in 1999. The first issues of scientific collections, carried out during 1999-2009, were published by the public organization "Society of Archeology and Anthropology", one of its priority tasks was the development and popularization of archaeological and anthropological science in Ukraine. In 2016, thanks to the efforts of the teachers, scientific fellows, graduate students and students of the Department of Archaeology and Museology of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, the activity of the publishing house VITA ANTIQUA was renewed.

Aims and Scope

- The purpose of the VITA ANTIQUA is to provide a platform for communication between scientists that are doing researches in different fields of archeology, prehistory, anthropology, museology and related disciplines.

- Main problematique of accepted articles: actual topics of archaeology, anthropology, prehistory, early history of Ukraine, world history, source studies, historiography.

- VITA ANTIQUA provides a productive dialogue between scientists; assists scholars in disseminating their experiences and ideas; publishes the scientific results aimed at increasing the efficiency of archaeological and historical research. Vita Antiqua provides an acquaintance of readers with the latest approaches in archaeological research.

- Organizes the relationship between research and education through the inclusion of published materials in the educational process.