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VITA ANTIQUA, №5-6. 2003

titlVITA ANTIQUA. The collection of scientific articles #5-6. - Kyiv: VPTs “Kyiv University”, 2003. – 232 p.






01 Title: Mykola Mykolaiovych Bondar, 1-9.

02 Lebedyns’kyi V.V., Zelenko S.M. Underwater archeological research on the North Coast of the Black Sea, 10-12.

03 Indychenko H.V. Ethnoarchaeology - developmental perspective, 13-19.

04 Nuzhnyi The upper layers of the Palaeolithic site Molodove 5 and some problems regarding their interpretation, 20-39.

05 Shydlovskyi P.S. A new Upper Paleolithic site in Vinnychyna, 40-44.

06 Pustovalov S.Zh. Analysis of radiocarbon dates from the burials of Pit and Catacomb populations that were published in Baltic-Pontic Studies no. 7 (1999), 45-59.

07 Lysenko S.D. Burial grounds of the Bronze Age in the tract Babyna Hora-Didiv Shpyl’ near the village Buchak in Kaniv, 60-71.

08 Vladymyrov A.O. Regarding high ranking magistrate in Chersonessus Taurica, 72-74.

09 Sliusars’ka K. Amber necklaces from Hordiivka, 76-84.

10 Lysenko O.V. Cave necropolis of the early iron and late antique periods in the mountains of the Crimea, 85-107.

11 Nazarov V.V., Rusiaieva M.V. A bone eye of an antique statue from the island of Berezan’, 108-112.

12 Ol’hovs’kyi The metal of Scythian cauldrons, 113-120.

13 Stoianov R.V. Black glaze hydria with applied ornament from the crypt no. 1012 in Chersonesos Tauricos, 121-125.

14 Morozova la.I. A preliminary analysis of a burial ritual from the north coast of the Black Sea dating to the first centuries A.D., 126-130.

15 Khvorostianyi A.I. The cult of ϴЕOΣ YΨIΣTOΣ and the spread of Christianity in the Bosporos, 131-135.

16 Zubar V.M. The Roman military presence and the population of Taurica in the 2nd -first half of the 3rd century, 136-152.

17 Pioro I.S. Regarding the ethnic attribution of stone slate burials in late antique necropolis of the Khersones region, 153-163.

18 Synytsia le.V. The topography of Slavic burial sites of the 5th - 7th centuries in Southeastern Europe, 164-170.

19 Khrapunov N.l. Relations between the Bosporos and Byzantium under Justinian 1, 171-178.

20 Aks’onov V.S., Mykhieiev V.K. Burials with Crimean vessels from the burial grounds of the Saltovs’ka culture in Krasna Horka, 179-191.

21 Tur V.H. Changes in the structure of the church hierarchy in Taurica during the 8th - 14th centuries and their relationship to the social-political context, 192-201.

22 Rudych T.O. The anthropological makeup of the population of the north regions of Ukraine in the 10th – 13th centuries (the right bank of the Dnipro river), 202-214.

23 Klymovs’kyi S.l. Casting workshops in unusual circumstances, 215-218.

24 Omel’chenko lu.A. The formation of the Ukrainian cultural inheritance, 219-230.