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Dwellings of Prehistoric Europe : social adaptations in variable environments. – Vita Antiqua №13. Collection of scientific works. – Kyiv: Center for Paleoethnological Research, 2021


The collection of scientific works is dedicated to the eightieth anniversary of Prof. Mykhailo I. Gladkykh, a well-known Ukrainian archaeologist, prehistorian, teacher and world-class scientist. The issue of the collection is related to the field of scientific research of the jubilee - the interaction of human and the environment in prehistory. The articles are devoted to modern research and interpretations of living space in the prehistoric cultures of Europe, as a system of human adaptation to changing natural conditions. The proposed collection will be useful for anyone interested in the prehistory, archaeology and paleoecology of Europe - archaeologists, prehistorians, paleogeographers, local historians, museum workers, cultural heritage researchers, students of higher education.

Editors and compilers of the collection:
Mykhailo Gladkikh, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
Pavlo Shydlovskyi, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
Serhiy Ryzhov, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

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Marharyta V. Chymyrys, Pavlo S. Shydlovskyi, Serhiy M. Ryzhov. To the 80th anniversary of Mykhailo Gladkikh (instead of a foreword)

List of scientific works of Mykhailo I. Gladkikh

Mykhaylo I. Gladkikh, Serhiy M. Ryzhov. Enviromental factors in the development of primitive society in the prehistory

Vadim N. Stepanchuk. The earliest evidence for dwelling construction in the Upper Palaeolithic of the Eastern Europe: a 30,000-year-old surface structure from Mira layer I

Ostap I. Tsvirkun, Pavlo S. Shydlovskyi, Diana V. Dudnyk, Marharyta V. Chymyrys. Lithic processing complex of the fourth dwelling of the Mezhyrich Upper Palaeolithic settlement

Oleksander O. Yanevich. Early Mesolitic Habitation in the Shpan-Koba Grotto (Crimea, Ukraine)

Yevhen V. Pichkur. New data on flint processing of East Trypillia tribes of the Bug-Dnieper interfluve

Valentyna O. Shumova. The results of investigations at the tripole settlement of Hordashivka II in Cherkassy region

Laëtitia Demay, Sergiy P. Taranenko, Anna S. Yanenko, Dmytro V. Stupak. Unusual faunistic collection from the scientific funds of the National Kyiv-Pechersk Reserve

Pavlo S. Shydlovskyi, Mykola H. Chornyi. Scientific substantiation of Mezhyrich settlement transfer to T. Shevchenko National Reserve