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VITA ANTIQUA ISSN: 2522-9419 (Online), ISSN: 2519-4542 (Print)

VITA ANTIQUA 9, 2017, HUMAN & LANDSCAPE: Prehistoric Archaeology of Eastern Europe, 251-253
The Natural Conditions of Human’s Habitation According to Studying of Buried Soils in the Bronze Age Mound
Matviishyna Zh.M., Kushnir A.S.¹
¹ Department of Paleogeography, Institute of Geography NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv



Based on paleopedological and archaeological information the natural conditions of human habitation in times of Yamna culture of the Bronze Age were reconstructed. Data of geoarchaeological method allowed to reveal the age of Holocene fossil soils and define the changes of their types.

Key words: Bronze Age, paleosoil, paleogeography, Yamna culture, Eastern Europe

Language: Ukrainian


UDK: [903:504.54](477.86)”637”