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VITA ANTIQUA, ISSN 2522-9419 (Online), 2519-4542 (Print)
Center for Paleoethnological Research

VITA ANTIQUA 10, 2018, Prehistoric Networks in Southern and Eastern Europe, 13-24
Chipped flint technologies of Janislawice culture in Ukrainian Polissya region
Stupak Dmytro
Institute of Archaeology of the NASU



Since the opening of the first site named DVS with the flint from Janislawice, more than 30 sites of Janislawice culture became known on the territory of Ukrainian Polissya. The most presentable among them are Nepyretc, Senchytcy 3, Senchytcy 5A, 5D, Rudnya, Rudnya 1A, DVS, Rudyj Ostriv, Protereb, Smolyanikove. Janislawice culture dates from the end of Mesolithic period. On most of the Janislawice sites are ceramic fragments from Neolithic time. These sites reflect the developing transition process of Janislawice culture to the Neolithic stage. This paper analyzes Chipped flint technologies of Janislawice culture in Ukrainian Polissya region. The first one is directed on the blades produsing. The second – is directed on the flakes produsing. The main types of Janislawice blades producing center are one platform cores with one working surface. For exploitation of these cores the pressure technique us being used. Cores of other types of blades produced are not numerous and generally derived from one platform cores with one working surface. Janislawicean obtained blades technology thanks to a good choice of raw material parts for cores and use of a pressure technique, which made the process of obtaining blades highly controlled, allowed to obtain standardized blades blanks with minimal expenses of raw material and time. Thanks to the use of pressure technique the process of making blades ran almost without mistakes. As a result, there was a deficit of flaky blanks. The technology of obtaining flakes was oriented to eliminate the deficit of flaky blanks. This high level of technological development is the availability of technology for specialized blades using pressure technique and technologies aimed at obtaining flakes using hummer is inherent in the most technologically developed late Mesolithic – early Neolithic cultural phenomenons.

Key words: Janislawice culture, Ukrainian Polissya region, Chipped flint technologies, core, pressure technique, blades producing, cores for flakes

Language: English


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