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Prehistoric Networks in Southern and Eastern Europe. – VITA ANTIQUA, #10. Collection of scientific works. – Kyiv : 2018.

БезымянныйThe collection of scientific works is devoted to contemporary research on development and interaction of prehistoric networks in the Holocene Europe. Chronologically, the collection covers the final phases of the Stone Age and the beginning of the age of early metals. Particular attention is paid to the process of Neolithization and interaction between different societies in Southern and Eastern Europe.

The proposed collection will be useful for anyone interested in the prehistory, archaeology and geography of Europe – archaeologists, prehistorians, specialists in local history, ethnographers, museum workers, cultural heritage researchers and students of higher educational institutions.


01.Shydlovskyi P., Morozova Ya.FOREWORD: Network Approach for Studying the Prehistoric Networks 

02.Stupak Dmytro.  Chipped flint technologies of Janislawice culture in Ukrainian Polissya region

03.Telizhenko Sergii. The Køkkenmødding of Eastern Ukraine

04.Veiber Alina.An overview of the osteological mammal material from the archaeological sites of the Surska culture in the context of its tribes’ adaptation to the environment

05.Martha Andriiovvych. A sign of mobility and cultural exchange? The ceramics with scribble line ornamentation from Lysa Hora cemetery

06.Naumov Goce.The Formation of Wetland Identities in the Neolithic Balkans

07.Shydlovskyi Pavlo. Lithic Assemblages of Early Agricultural Communities in Middle Dniester: comparative study

08.Radomskyi Ivan.Changing techniques of flint knapping in Chalcolithic times as an indicator of changes in the economy

09.Pichkur Yevhen.Mining and distribution of flint by the tribes of Cucuteni-Trypillian community

10.Zhelaha Dmytro.Ornamentation systems of Trypillia culture B I period tableware in the Middle Dniester area

11.Diachenko Aleksandr.Geographic determinism and Trypillia contact networks, c. 3600 – 3400 BC

12.Videiko Mykhailo. Life on the Eastern Frontiers of Old Europe

13.Hofmann Robert.Tripolye – Strategy and Results of an ongoing Ukrainian-European Project

14.Szmyt Marzena.Between the seas: Baltic-Pontic contact space in the 3rd millennium BC

15.Mazurkevich Andrey.Archaeological excavations and reconstructions of disappeared archaeological heritage (based on excavations in North-Western Russia)

16.Chausidis Nikos.‘River People’ of the Northern Black Sea and Macedonia

17.Morozova Yana, Shydlovskyi Pavlo.STEP AHEAD: NEENAWA 2017 International Scientific Conference report (Yana Morozova, Pavlo Shydlovskyi)

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