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VITA ANTIQUA                                                                  ISSN 2522-9419 (Online), 2519-4542 (Print)
Center for Paleoethnological Research

Olena Kliushnychenko¹
Challenges of War for Museums in Ukraine
¹Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
¹ORCID: 0009-0001-2454-1851

DOI: 10.37098/VA-2023-14-60-71


Having analyzed the challenges faced by Ukrainian museums during the war, we can conclude that the war has created a number of difficulties for the preservation and exhibition of cultural heritage. Destruction of infrastructure, displacement of population, and lack of funding are some of the main challenges faced by museums in Ukraine. Ongoing violence and instability also make it difficult for museums to operate and continue their important cultural activities. Despite these challenges, many museums in Ukraine continue to strive to preserve their heritage and showcase their cultural history to the world. It is important that the international community supports these efforts by providing funding and resources to help these museums thrive in the face of the conflict, as the ongoing hostilities have also made it difficult for museums to acquire new exhibits or preserve existing ones, as funding is often diverted to other pressing issues.

Despite these challenges, museums in Ukraine continue to play a vital role in preserving the country's cultural heritage. They serve as important repositories of historical knowledge and provide opportunities for the public to appreciate and learn about Ukraine's rich cultural heritage. With proper support and resources, Ukrainian museums can continue to thrive and contribute to the country's cultural development.

The preservation of cultural artifacts during the war is extremely important for museums in Ukraine. Not only are these artifacts important to the country's cultural heritage, but they also serve as reminders of its past, present, and future. They can also play a crucial role in the post-war reconstruction process, providing a sense of unity and preserving the population's own identity. In addition, cultural artifacts often have significant economic value, contributing to the development of an important tourism industry. Therefore, museums in Ukraine should make every effort to protect their collections, even during wartime, as they are an invaluable part of Ukraine's national identity and history.

Key words: museum, war, protection of museum institutions, "museum front", artifact.

Language: Ukrainian


Cite as:

Kliushnychenko, O.V. 2023. Challenges of war for museums in Ukraine. VITA ANTIQUA, 14. Culture Heritage and the War : challenges and solutions.


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