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VITA ANTIQUA, 11 (2019)                                                                        ISSN 2522-9419 (Online), 2519-4542 (Print)
Center for Paleoethnological Research

VITA ANTIQUA 11, 2019, Archaeology, Museum & Monument Studies: educational and research aspects
Attic Black-glazed Pottery from the Collection of Exposition of the Archaeological Museum of Institute of Archaeology of the NAS of Ukraine, 166-172

Chechulina Iryna O.
Institute of Archaeology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

DOI: 10.37098/VA-2019-11-166-172


Finds of Attic tableware and ceremonial ware in the North Black Sea region are mass, and that is why they are so important since they provide information for detailed chronology of ancient material. The collection of finds from Olbia, which is exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of IA NASU, is quite numerous. The investigated part of the material includes Attic black-glazed pottery, which was found in Olbia in different years at different sites of excavations, from 1962 to 2000. Some finds, unfortunately, have only museum archive numbers, so we are not able to trace their origin. All the ceramic material is well preserved, all necessary parts are properly restored, and they are exhibited in the main hall dedicated to archeology of the Iron Age of Ukraine.

The vast majority of the studied collection consists of vessels for drinking wine – eleven vessels of the sixteen studied, dating from the Athenian Agora from 500 to 325 BC.

Pottery for wine are represented by cups and kantharos in various types. These are the cup – «bolsal» 420 BC – two examples; cup-kantharos 340–325 BC – two examples; two Hellenistic kantharos with an applique ornament IV BC and one kantharos – micro form; cup-skyphos 410 BC; stemmed dish 500 BC; cup “delicate class” 430 BC and a stemmed cup of the middle of the 5th BC.

Open types of pottery include a bowl with an outturned rim 420 BC and fish plate 350–325 BC.

Rare finds of the pottery of the closed forms are oynohoya with relief ornament of the V century BC and a Hellenistic pelika with an applique ornament.

All the above forms have direct analogies in the material from the Athenian Agora and finds of Attic black-glazed ware from other cities in the Northern Black Sea. These forms belong to the ceremonial tableware demonstrate an active trade relations of the Olbio Polis with the Attic region during the classical time.

Key words: Attic black lacquer ceramics, Olbia, museum collection, Northern Black Sea coast, antiquity, classical period, Hellenistic period.

Language: Ukrainian


Cite as:
Chechulina, I.O. 2019. Attic Black-glazed Pottery from the Collection of Exposition of the Archaeological Museum of IA NAS of Ukraine (Poperednii analiz attychnoi chornolakovoi keramiky z ekspozytsii Arkheolohichnoho muzeiu IA NAN Ukrainy). VITA ANTIQUA 11. Archaeology, Museum & Monument Studies: educational and research aspects, p. 166-172 (in Ukrainian).

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