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VITA ANTIQUA Library                                                                               ISBN 966-95597-3-1

Sea Trade in North Black Sea Region. The collection of scientific articles. Kyiv, 2001
Tavrika pottery centers from VIII-X centuries A.D., 52-81

Parshina E.A., Teslenko I.B., Zelenko S.M.

The localization of ceramics production centers, the study of production technology and assortment very important for attribution and systematization of mass ceramic material of diverse archaeological sites. The paper represents the catalogue of currently known Crimean ceramics production centers from VIII-X centuries A.D. The author carried out complex analysis of furnaces and their products, as well as distribution area of the latter. The article considers the activity tracks of 35 ceramic workshops, and the investigation of remains of 30 burners on 17 of those workshops. All of these furnaces are two-chamber with ascending flame. A production assortment of pottery workshops prettily various. There are three ceramics categories: building, domestic crockery and package. Building ceramics: ceramides, kalipters, plinth, facing tiles of diverse forms and dimensions. The kitchen and tableware: vessels of open forms, pots, jugs, frequently adorned with painting by red paint in shape of concentric and wavy lines. Package: pythos, amphorae, flasks. The numerous ceramic production complexes of Tavrica give rich material for further researches of features of technological processes, volumes and assortment of products, as well as their distribution area.

Language: Russian

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Parshina, E.A., Teslenko, I.B., Zelenko, S.M. 2001. Tavrika pottery centers from VIII-X centuries A.D. In: Parshina, E.A. (ed.). Sea Trade in North Black Sea Region. The collection of scientific articles (Morska torhivlia v Pivnichnomu Prychornomor’i. Zbirka naukovykh statei). Kyiv: Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Society of Archaeology and Anthropology, 52-81. VITA ANTIQUA Library (in Russian).