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Sea Trade in North Black Sea Region. The collection of scientific articles. Kyiv, 2001

The articles presented in this collection cover different aspects of trade connections of North Black Sea region in ancient and medieval time. The most of articles are dedicated to amphorae - basic trade packing, used in sea transportation.

A line of original unpublished materials are brought into scientific circulation: the results of ground and submarine excavations. There are published considerable material on graffiti carved on amphorae packing insufficiently known section of ceramic epigraphy.

There are considered local production of amphorae packing based on analysis of pottery centers of Tavrica of VIII-X centuries A.D. The articles consider a number of discussion issues dedicated to separate amphorae types, their dating, production centers and attribution of amphorae brands.

A marine subjects reflected in the articles on navigation matters in middle ages and in published ships pictures on ancient memorials.

The theme will be continued in following issues of the collection.

Edited by E.A. Parshina

Language: Russian, Ukrainian


Leypunskaya N.A. Chios amphorae and trade relations between Olbia and Chios, 6-17

Karyaka O.V. Amphorae of hillforts of Lower Dniper in the IV сentury B.C., 18-25

Pioro V.I., Samoilenko L.G. The finds of ancient Greek amphorae in the Scythian barrows in the Dnepropetrovsk region, 26-42

Uzhentsev V.B. On one rare type of Mediterranean amphorae from Kalos Limen, 43-45

Zankin A.B. The collection of graffiti on amphora packing from excavations in Kerch, 46-51

Parshina E.A., Teslenko I.B., Zelenko S.M. Tavrika pottery centers from VIII-X centuries A.D., 52-81

Zelenko S.M. The shipwrecks of 9-11 centuries A.D. in Sudak bay, 82-92

Duzhenko T.V. Medieval graffiti and stamps from Chersonesos citadel excavations, 93-103

Parshina E.A. Stamped Byzantine amphora of X century A.D. from Laspi, 104-117

Majko V.V. On chronology of some types of byzantine amphorae of South-Eastern Crimea, 118-122

Teslenko I.B. Medieval amphorae stamps from Aluston fortress excavations, 123-129

Volkov I.V. On the provenance of the two groups of stamped medieval amphorae, 130-146

Bulgakov V.V. Byzantine amphorae stamps of XI c. with monogram of name “Konstantin”, 147-152

Bulgakov V.V. Signes-dipinto on Byzantine amphorae of XI century A.D., 153-164

Zotsenko V.M. The amphoras of the XII - beginning XIII c. A.D. from Podol in Kyiv, 165-197

Baranov I.A., Majko V.V. Complex of amphorae of 13-14 centuries A.D. from Sudak, 198-201

Volkov I.V. Trapezund ceramic stamps from Azov, 202-215

Tur V.G. To a question on the Black Sea navigation in XV - XVI centuries, 216-221

Ivanov A.V. Navigation-archaeological review of south-west coast of Crimea from cape Chersonesos to cape Sarych, 222-234

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Abashina, E.A. (ed.). 2001. Sea Trade in North Black Sea Region. The collection of scientific articles (Morska torhivlia v Pivnichnomu Prychornomor’i. Zbirka naukovykh statei). Kyiv: Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, VITA ANTIQUA Library, 238 p. (in Russian, Ukrainian).